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Are you a homeowner and you want to rent your home or property in South Florida? Rogers Realty Group LLC is ready to help you get your home or property ready for incoming new tenants / renters.

David J Rogers II , is the licensed Broker / Owner of the company and personally will handle your home or property like it was his own and diligently find a qualified tenant for your property, we run credit checks, background checks, income verification and reference checks to ensure your home will be turned back over to you as the landlord in the best shape.  Search For Local Rentals

Where To Start
Firs thing to do is consider would you as a renter rent your home and if not lets take action. Does your home need a fresh coat of paint, does all the appliances work, plumbing issues, curb appeal and so on.

I like to first do a walk through of a home and determine what is most important to potential renters and what they look for when searching for a home in today’s competitive rental market.  Contact Us

Pricing Your Home
Every home owner / landlord wants top dollar for their home and in order to get max rental dollars your home needs to be perfect the first time a tenant or potential renter steps through the front door. Your neighbor just rented their home for lets say $2500.00 per month , how does that home honestly compare to your home, how big is it, how many bedrooms, what maintenance is included in the rent ” Landscaping, Pool Cleaning etc.” There are many variables to consider and there is not enough room to write these down at this time.

Who Pays For Repairs
Generally the owner of the home is responsible for all repairs unless otherwise agreed upon in the signed lease agreement between renter and landlord. But generally landlords are responsible for all major items including Appliances, Roof leaks, Structural , electrical, plumbing. Generally the tenant is only responsible for changing air condition filters, light bulbs, taking out the garbage. Now if the tenant was negligent and broke something then the tenant is liable for repairs in these unique situations.

Lease Terms
Generally the standard lease term is for 1 year only with the option for the tenant to renew and a agreed upon price increase from the previous year. This is always negotiable but this is our preferred method so there are no surprises when the lease renewal is coming up.

Annual Rent Increase
Generally you try to establish a set / agreed upon price increase in the lease so if the tenant wishes to renew for another year everyone is on the same page and there is no questions 12 months from now.

Time Frame For Repairs & Maintenance
You should always try to get repairs and maintenance taking care of immediately to prevent making the situation worse when dealing with bigger issues like plumbing leaks, air condition problems, roof leaks etc.  We at Rogers Realty Group LLC , try to get someone out the same day when ever possible but there are times when this is just not possible.

I’m An Absentee Owner
No Problem if you don’t live nearby we can handle everything when we “Rogers Realty Group LLC” are managing your home or property.  Most owners do not live near there rental properties which normally would create a challenge to keep an eye on your investment. That’s why there are Property Management Companies like ourselves who handle the day to day tasks of maintaining your property.

Property Inspections
We like to do random drive by’s on properties to visually view the home and once or twice a year schedule a visit inside to insure the tenants are taking care of the property and not violating the terms of the lease agreement that were in effect like getting a new puppy, multiple new residents residing in the property that were not approved prior.

Do I have Renew A Lease With A Current Renter
The answer is NO, you are under no obligation to renew a lease unless it was agreed in the previous lease that a guarantee lease renewal was available. You have the right to ask the tenant to move out at the end of the lease term but not during the lease term.

What Happens If I Want To Sell My Home
So what happens if you want to sell your home when you currently have a tenant living in the property who’s lease is still in effect? No Problem , we just notify the tenant that the current owner wants to sell their home and that the lease agreement will be taken over by the new owners of the home and your lease would remain in effect until the expiration date of the current lease.

What Fees Are Expected To Rent Our Home
First if you are using a licensed Real Estate Company the standard fees to find a qualified renter is normally equal to 1 months rent. So if your home rents for $2000.00 there would be a 1 time fee of $2000.00 commission that is paid to the Real Estate Brokerage . This amount could be shared with another Real Estate Company of they were the ones who brought the renter.

Lease Renewals
So your tenant successfully full filled the 1 year renting your home and both you and the tenant are happy about renewing for another year. Great news , Legally in order for us as a Real Estate Brokerage to prepare a new lease for another year we have to charge the landlord / homeowner for lease preparation . We at Rogers Realty Group LLC charge only $200.00 for the document preparation.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.


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